Kids Submission Wrestling and Grappling

The Submission Wrestling and Grappling course concentrates on Jiu-Jitsu, without the use of the gi. It does this by utilizing what is known as clinch work and ground-fighting ,with the aim of acquiring a submission from your opponent through the use of adequate and strategic holds. In this class, we go into great depth on takedowns, takedown defense, and ground control while replicating real-life scenarios. We believe that this exposure is vital for competitors that may also be enrolled in our MMA program. It is highly recommended that students interested in no-gi grappling still attend the Jiu-jitsu classes in order to gain a solid foundation within this technique. This is a belief held true within even the professional world of Jiu-jitsu, as even best No-Gi grapplers and MMA Fighters still practice BJJ with the gi.