• Arrive to class on- time and be ready to train.  
  • Classes begin with a line up by rank and a formal bow to the instructor. 
  • Refer to head black belt instructor as “Professor.”
  • For safety reasons, if you must leave the mat or leave class early, first ask the instructor for permission.
  • All students shall participate in the warm-up, unless the instructor is informed of an injury. 
  • When the instructor is demonstrating technique, every student shall sit or stand in an upright position (no laying down). 
  • Only students participating in the class shall be on the mats.
  • Talking on the mats shall be kept to a minimum and shall relate to the class subject matter.
  • Tap early, tap often and make sure your training partner’s safety is a priority. 
  • Students must keep a respectful posture in the academy at all times. We are teammates! 
  • Training partners shall shake hands before and after each sparring session.
  • Always respect, encourage and educate your training partners. 
  • NO foul language or belching allowed in the academy.
  • Maintain good hygiene at all times. 
  • Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed for everyone’s safety. 
  • Wear a clean uniform/workout clothing at all times.  No stains holes, or tears.
  •  Wash uniform and clothing after every class.
  • Never step into a bathroom or step outside without footwear. 
  • All metal objects such as piercings, rings, necklaces, and other jewelry items must be removed prior to stepping on the mat.
  • No footwear, food or drinks allowed on the mat.
  • Parents and students in the lobby area shall keep noise to a minimum while classes are in session. 
  • Parents – NO coaching from outside of the mats. 
  • Students – NO coaching from outside of the mats. 
  • Changing of clothes shall only take place in the restroom or changing rooms (not in the lobby area). 
  • Gym bags, footwear and other personal items shall be stored in the locker rooms during class. 
  • Keep the restrooms and locker rooms clean.  
  • Bring any issues or concerns related to the academy to Professor Kevin. 


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