Required Equipment (Kids & Adults)

  • Brazilian Jiu-jitus/Self-defense:
    • Gi (uniform) and belt
    • Pants and top colors shall match
    • Blue, white or black Gis only
    • Females – should wear spandex shorts or spandex pants underneath gi pants. 
    • Males – should wear compression shorts underneath gi pants.
    Submission Grappling/Wrestling:
    • Rashguard tops are highly recommended.
    • Fight shorts 
    • No Gi pants
    • MMA Gloves
    • Hand wraps
    • Mouth piece
    • Shin guards
    • Cup
    • 16 oz gloves
    • Ramona MMA Shirt
    • Cup
    • Mouth piece
    Muay Thai Kickboxing:
    • Muay Thai Shorts
    • Ramona MMA Shirt
    • Shin Guards
    • Cup
    • 16 oz Boxing Gloves
    • Hand Wraps
    • Mouth piece 
    **Equipment is not required to take advantage of the FREE PASS**


Here at Ramona MMA Center, our goal is to nurture your ambitions in order to allow for you to achieve the direction and transformation in your life that you desire. Whether the change that you seek be for self-defense and protection, a healthier and more active lifestyle, a new hobby, a unique way to work out, or to simply make friends! All are great reasons to give us a try and take advantage of our FREE PASS!