January 24, 2013

Ramona Jiu Jitsu earns grand championship

The Ramona Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team earned grand champion honors in the GX22 Jiu Jitsu tournament in Murrieta.

All team members placed in the top three of their division.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team, said Coach Kevin Hossieni. “I am so happy with everyone’s performance.”

James Proctor came to the competition with a mission to win and amazed the crowd with his performance, said Hossieni. Proctor not only took first in his division, winning all of his matches, but he moved up to an older division and took second place.

Lawrence Arroyo also took first in his division. Hossieni placed Arroyo in the adult division after officials notified the team that Arroyo would need to be placed in a heavier weight division. Fully confident, Hossieni said he agreed and Arroyo, 17, faced heavier adults. Arroyo finished his two opponents with armbars and cleaned up the division.

In the teen division, Jovana McCreary made her competition debut. McCreary faced an experienced division and finished both of her matches, one by a Kimura armlock and the other by a gi choke, to earn first. Also making his debut was Tony Zizzo, who executed a perfectly timed triangle in the last seconds of his first match. He placed second in what his coach called a tough division.

Wyatt Jones earned a third place in another tough division, facing opponents older and bigger, said Hossieni, noting he was very happy with Jones’ performance.

In an experienced division, Ian Alexander and Cody Crist both placed. With his strong take downs and defense, Alexander earned a third place. Also making his competition debut, Crist fought hard and finished second, the coach reported.

Also in an tough division against experienced and accomplished competitors, Matt Mendoza finished second.

In several crowd pleasing matches, Carson Crist took control of his opponents for first in his division. Crist finished his first opponent with a triangle choke in the last seconds of a tied match and finished his next opponent, vaulting him into the top spot.

Jesse Deaver made his second tournament appearance and again cleaned house. Deaver dominated his first match, controlling his opponent on the ground with ease. He then finished the fight with an armbar that sent his team cheering.

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