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is a locally owned family training center. We offer a family orientated gym that is positive and friendly, without overenthusiastic egos. All ranked classes are black belt instructed by owner Kevin Hosseini. In addition, all kids classes include trained assistant instructors to ensure small group and personal instruction. We provide the highest quality programs for both adults and children.

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“The essence of training is the persistence, willpower and tenacity to perfect whatever you do” - Helio Gracie.

Helio Gracie is the considered to be the father of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and his words and teachings are what have guided Coach Kevin Hosseini through life. Since the age of twelve Hosseini has trained in the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has used these lessons to guide him through life. Hosseini states that “Jiu Jitsu was a key driver in helping me maintain focus on my goals and have the confidence to pursue them as I grew into an adult”. These positive aspects of Jiu Jitsu have helped him achieve the goals of graduating high school, obtaining a black belt (at an exceptionally young age), opening his own school, and just recently, graduating from a university. In October 2, 2010, at the age of 24, Hosseini opened the first Jiu Jitsu academy in Ramona. Sharing the positive aspects of Jiu Jitsu is important to Hosseini. The goals for the kids class is to instill positive character traits like discipline, leadership, responsibility, respect, and confidence. These skills and traits are an important aspect of becoming a well-rounded adult and a productive part of society. Another goal that Hosseini achieved was graduating from a university. On May 20th he walked with his class, earning a degree in Engineering from San Diego State University. He has given credit to his training Jiu Jitsu as the reason for his academic success throughout school. “Although I am graduating from SDSU, my passion has always been for teaching Jiu Jitsu. My goal is to teach full time and pass on the art of Jiu Jitsu to the students at the academy”, Hoesseini stated. In the past few months Hosseini has passed on the positive aspects of Jiu Jitsu to his students. Many of the students have already seen the effects of his teaching. Parents of his students have commented that grades and behavior have improved at home and in the classroom. The adult students have gained confidence and improved their physical fitness. On May 7th, five of Hosseini's students competed in their third regional competition in Las Vegas. In the previous competitions the team has dominated, beating some of the toughest competitors southern California has to offer. Vegas was no exception. With his guidance, five out of five RBJJ competitors brought home a first or second place finish. Matthew Roelle and Lawrence Arroyo both were able to walk away with a second place finish for their divisions. Christian Tolentino, placed first by out pointing his opponents. Brandon Setterberg placed first by submitting three of his opponents. Finally, Hannah LaJaunie, age 16, placed first in the adult woman's division with two straight submission victories. Hosseini attributes the success in all of the tournaments to the relaxed family atmosphere in the academy coupled with hard training. Like most, Hosseini has seen his ups and downs in life. But, with the guiding words and teachings of Helio Gracie he has been able to persevere and succeed in every goal he has set so far. He is now passing on the success and teachings to his students.
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September, 2017

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Just a reminder, the academy will be closed the remainder of the day in observance of Labor Day. Training will resume Tuesday, Sept 5th.

We wish you and your family a safe holiday!
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Warning from Grand Master Reylson Gracie to all Martial arts practitioners
For this centenary of the Gracie Family, It has come the time to make amends and to amplify your vision to what is happening in the world of martial arts. My mission in this life is very simple: to save the martial art style developed by my father Carlos Gracie and by my uncle Helio Gracie. I will go to any lengths, overcome any obstacle and destroy any barrier of reality to see that my idea is realized.

And which idea is this? The idea that martial arts should not be at all taught if it is not of high quality. The idea that any man holding students back for the motives of undue profit or to hide the true aspects of the art should be severely penalized for this practice. The idea that instructors and masters should be prepared to endure any hardship in life to become good enough for their students and that if it is otherwise, they do not deserve such title. The idea that martial arts, as any objectified and durable work by mankind, is bigger than life as it gives immortality to those that improve it (by remembrance) and to the important teachings left in the world to all that will come after you.

To preserve humanity’s remembrance of what we do now, it is necessary that we improve ourselves today.

My specialty is all kinds of Jiu-Jitsu. Those who do not deal with Jiu-Jitsu can still participate and shall learn on the same timeframe as the others. With my program, there is literally no need for familiarity with Jiu-Jitsu basics. Please, all of you must understand that there is no “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu” (this is just a name to avoid copyright issues). There is only Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and it makes me very upset to see that nobody has been teaching it correctly for decades. It makes me even more upset to see people that come from Brazil on a low level belt and change it for a higher level one (most commonly a blue belt puts a black belt) when they arrive in the United States. By doing this, they‘ve been fooling the American people for too long, teaching a mutilated set of techniques which does not amount for even 30% of the whole. By spreading this “snake without head” Jiu-Jitsu, they are killing martial arts.

Being the champion of a tournament does not make anyone a good instructor. A master can be a fighter but a fighter cannot be a master. A general can be a soldier but a soldier can’t be a general. There are lots of people in this country that put students to do their jobs by erroneously using pairs of students as well as people teaching and giving instructor/master certification online. When an instructor puts a student to their job playing the victim on a pair, for example, it breaks their correct automation for real life scenarios. Also, there are people who wear the badge of inefficiency with pride by providing students with slow learning regimens that trap them into near-endless half decade cycles in the same belt level, and for this they charge low but for more time, generating income while keeping students longer than necessary. In the bigger schools, they overload the number of students, forcing each instructor to take care of 20 or 30 pairs of students at a time, making it not only inefficient but ineffective teaching (and these are but a few of the worst).

This kind of behavior destroys any art, for it creates a “domino effect” that takes these mistakes from school to school, person to person, spreading around the art as something ineffective, inefficient, commonplace and mutilated. You and your students cannot have conviction and find meaning in your skills and philosophy if the first is sloppy and the second is a lie. And without meaning, my friend, you and your art will be forgotten. This forces me to understand a very sad reality: in most places, instructors and masters are extinct and what they teach resemble more a volleyball or basketball trainer rather than a real master.

For this reason, I invite you to see, through my techniques and wisdom, that everything in this letter is true. It has been 100 years since the art began being developed. I will not let it die now. Help me spread it the right way. You owe it to yourselves, to your students and to the whole of martial arts to see this through!

In good faith,

Reylson Gracie

Note: All parties interested in learning the real Gracie Jiu-Jitsu master and instructor program or making a donation for the cause, should contact me by email or Facebook
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In observance of Labor Day, the academy will be closed Monday, Sept.4th. Classes will resume as normal the following day.

We wish you and your family a safe holiday!
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